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Smashing Amazon 'Used' - How I profit $100k annually selling used items on Amazon

In the summer of 2017, I heard of an idea called flipping.  Buying something and immediately selling it for more in a different marketplace.  The actual word for this is - ARBITRAGE.

I had never sold anything for profit in my life.  I watched countless YouTube videos of people going to thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, and auctions to find treasures they could resell for profit.  Many were doing this full time.  However, like you probably do, I had a 9-5 job... (and still do)

I began just going to thrift stores and garage sales in my spare time, selling items on ebay like I saw people doing in the videos.  Some of these items were very profitable, but it took up a lot of my time and sometimes I would come back empty-handed.

I heard about selling on Amazon and so, I signed up for an Amazon seller account.  

I began to notice not only did my items sell very fast, but they sold for MORE money.  

I started immediately researching products that had $100 differences in pricing between ebay and Amazon and bought an item for $80.  I tested it and sent it to the Amazon warehouse (FBA) where it immediately sold for over $100 profit!  A profit margin easily exceeding 50%!


I didn't leave my house or family.  I could setup alerts and purchase items on my mobile phone, from anywhere.  Then, I could work for a couple hours in the evenings and easily make $500-$1000 profit in just a few hours receiving, testing, and shipping out used items I was buying from ebay and selling on Amazon.

After over a year of doing this, I paid taxes on $80,000 and had built up an inventory of over $40,000!

Using this capital, I was easily able to make investments in rental real estate, buy wholesale and private label inventory, and am now doing seven figure sales on Amazon this year!  Used items are STILL a major part of my product mix!

By starting with used items, I gained low risk experience about how Amazon works, improved my sales metrics which automatically approved my account for other categories and brands - even for new listings.  All while making money.

I want to share with you how YOU CAN ALSO DO THIS.  I'm not going to give you a list of items to buy, I'm going to teach you a process where you can research items using inexpensive tools, then scale up the resale of those same items by buying the same items over and over again with light automation.

This course is not designed to spoon feed you items to flip. It's designed to TEACH YOU TO FISH!

You'll learn:

- How to source profitable used products using inexpensive tools

- How to develop a system to repeat each purchase and sale

- How to get the best purchase and sale prices

- About Merchant Fulfilled vs. Fulfilled by Amazon listings

- Other tips that I've learned doing this for several years

You'll get:

Over 1 hour of video content where I step through the tools and process I use to generate additional income on the side from selling used items on Amazon.

I really hope you'll take advantage of this information where you'll be able to generate additional income for your family by starting an Amazon business or by adding used products to your existing Amazon business!

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Smashing Amazon 'Used' - How I profit $100k annually selling used items on Amazon

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